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Who should get Pinched?

Anyone can get Pinched, but who should? Pinch is the ideal solution for small to mid-size businesses who are budget conscious but don't want to compromise quality. Pinch strives to provide agency quality service, but not at agency prices. Pinch works with clients across America and maintains an hourly rate at least 25% lower than the average agency. No annual contracts required. One-off projects welcome. How do we do it, you ask? Well, that's because there isn't a "we"...

Pinch is a one woman shop. But don't be fooled. This one woman, Lizzie Rosen, has years of experience providing all of the aforementioned deliverables and services. She even designed and built this website which makes this self-promotional blurb pretty awkward. Who writes about herself in the third person? This girl. Right here. To learn more about Lizzie's background, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or send her a message. She might write autobiographically in the third person, but she is pretty well adjusted beyond that. 

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20% Off Services: Non-Profits and veterans

Non-profits: Pinch founder and consultant Lizzie Rosen has worked with non-profits since 2009 and knows the important role these organizations serve within the community. With transparent billing policies and low rates, your organization can afford quality services without reallocating budget from the important work that you do.

Veterans: The military is near and dear to Lizzie's heart. Her family has a long military history, including her husband who currently serves in the Army. Offering a discounted rate to veteran-owned businesses is just a simple way for Pinch to say thank you for your service.

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