Gil the Crab

For the first installment of Things that Pinch,* it seemed only fitting to feature one of my all-time-favorite television commercials/series: The Honda Element 2006 series featuring Gil the Crab. I wasn't the only one who loved Gil. In fact, the little guy went on to have a MySpace page with a huge following and a website that advocated Honda continue to use him as a spokescrab. Talk about being an early leader in social media advertising!** Alas, according to, Honda's ad agency, RPA, put the kibosh on Gil and so ended the pinch. Thank goodness YouTube keeps his memory going strong. #Gil4ever 


*Things that Pinch will be a reoccurring topic on the Pinch blog. These posts will celebrate all things that Pinch. #ViveLaPinch

**Remember, until September 2006, Facebook was for college kids only-no crabs or advertising allowed. So, a MySpace crab page was pretty forward thinking.