SEO and Cyber Stalking

The Internet, the creator of social media and patron saint of memes, has given everyone and their brother a soap box. And, wow, has that been entertaining. The Internet has also given corporations a soap box in the form of a corporate blog. And, wow, has that been mostly boring. So why are we regurgitating tech articles and industry digests that are too inside baseball for anyone to enjoy? There are two reasons worth noting:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  2. Cyber Stalking

SEO is the unassuming nerd you went to high school with that asked you out and you said no only to find out 10 years later that s/he's a wildly successful, good lookin' millionaire(ss). Point here is that if you don't care about SEO during the development stages when it's a boring marketing task, then you're going to miss out on future opportunities. Search engines, like Google, pick through websites based on key words. Blogs have lots of words. And sometimes pictures if you're lucky. Lots of words means a greater chance of getting asked out on a date, I mean your website getting hits. 

When you finally do get a website hit, maybe prospective new business, then you have the conversion* challenge. Do people think you're knowledgable? Is this a reputable company? Am I being catfished**? A blog can serve as a way to further answer those concerns for people who are online shopping. Contemporary consumers do boatloads of online research or, as I like to call it, cyber stalking. Although we typically think of research as product reviews and pricing, people are becoming more and more interested in the "why" part of a business. A blog is a great option for sharing more of the "why" without burying the more pertinent information on your website. 


Bottom line: Get a blog and try to have fun with it. Maybe it'll be a millionaire(ss) someday.


*Translation for Millennials: Swipe left or swipe right?
** Translation for baby boomers and up: When the internet sets you up on a blind date then over promises and under delivers.